What is AUSMAR


Ausmar is a market leader in maritime safety, providing and servicing essential safety equipment for all types of boats. We offer a highly professional, efficient and personal service covering all your inflatable safety equipment needs.


We have the most extensive network of liferafts service stations in Spain, what allow us to give a quick response to any demand.


At the sea, trust your safety to Ausmar’s technicians.


Latest news

Ausmar holds an approval test for a Duarry liferaft in Port Ginesta


Ausmar – Duarry has officially approved its new 65-pax reversible liferaft with a smaller container.


Ausmar holds a three-day servicing training course


The latest Duarry training course organised by Ausmar and held the past 28th, 29th and 30th October achieved its main objectives: it gathered a high number of present and potential distributors eager to learn everything about servicing a Duarry liferaft and got to engage them all with the safety marine company.


Ausmar holds its fourth demonstration of the Duarry liferaft deployment for Floren Probanza Nautical School

Far from losing its attractiveness, the fourth edition of the demonstration Course on how to deploy a Duarry liferaft, organised by Ausmar Euskadi the 28th October, has done nothing more than gaining interest and audience.



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