What is AUSMAR


Ausmar is a market leader in maritime safety, providing and servicing essential safety equipment for all types of boats. We offer a highly professional, efficient and personal service covering all your inflatable safety equipment needs.


We have the most extensive network of liferafts service stations in Spain, what allow us to give a quick response to any demand.


At the sea, trust your safety to Ausmar’s technicians.


Latest news

Ausmar showcases new Duarry liferaft range during ISP’s Open Day

International Safety Products’ Open Day held the past Tuesday 15th July in the historical maritime surroundings of Liverpool’s Albert Dock made the most of the day: in addition to displaying the latest safety marine products, ISP took advantage of the occasion to gather clients and providers in a pleasant BBQ next to the dock. The main attraction, however, was the recently revamped range of Duarry liferafts live demonstration, which included the deployment and testing of Throw Overboard (TOB), liferafts models.



10 students will survive for one day in a liferaft in the middle of the sea

The Barcelona School of Nautical Studies, together with Ausmar, organises today the maritime safety exercise “Surviving 24 hours in a liferaft”. In order to show the students all practical details about the survival in dire conditions, the exercise will simulate a sinking in which 10 people will be abandoned, without food nor beverage, in a Duarry liferaft for 24 hours.



DON’T ASK, real time winner of La Ruta de la Tramuntana 2014

The XXIst Edition of La Ruta de la Tramuntana ended last Saturday, 5th July, with a clear winner: Alberto Fucale’s DONT ASK, First 50. The night raid, which gave the starting signal a day before in the Nautical Club El Balís, was riddled with a series of difficulties that forced some participants to give up before reaching the finishing line. Nevertheless, the entrance of SW the next morning, allowed the rest of the boats to finish their tour and complete therefore the regatta in the Nautical Club L’Escala.



Maribel Cadenas’ MAXIMO of CN Masnou and Enrique Towse’s VERANO DEL DESIERTO, Sun Fast 40 of CN Arenys de Mar achieved the second and third position in the regatta.


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