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MES Evacuation System


Fujikura and Duarry have joined forces in order to offer one of the greatest massive evacuation systems in the market: the FD MES. It is a system approved according to the EC MED 96/98 by the Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (Netherlands) B.V. and its installation cost is virtually a 50% cheaper than other evacuation system’s.

The FD MES meet the latest SOLAS requirements at a considerably lower price when comparing with other existing systems. As it is completely mechanical, it provides greater reliability than other hydraulic systems. Moreover, thanks to its ease of use, the crew doesn’t need to be an expert to use it correctly and its maintenance cost is inferior to the other evacuation systems’.

Due to its distinctive features, the FD MES stands out for its quick installation. With a two-people team, a 350-persons station may well be installed in no more than two days. 

Another of the MES system special features is its short maintenance duration: 5 days for a 350-pax station. That way, the maintenance price lowers up to 50% compared to other existing evacuation systems in the market.